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Do I need Internet?
Yes, Advance Media TV does require an Internet connection to be able to stream content from the Web. Ideally you want an Internet download speed of at least 10Mbs. You can go to www.speedtest.net to check your Internet speed, and see if Advance Media TV is right for you.

Is there a monthly cost for Advance Media TV?
No. Advance Media TV services and updates are free.

Can I watch my favorite TV shows?
Yes. With Advance Media TV, you can watch your favorite show On-Demand.

Can I watch paid channels as well?
Yes you can. All Advance Media TV does is find links of content and channels that are already available on the Internet, then compile it into an easy-to-use interface. We do not host any content, nor do we know who does.

How is the quality?
The content comes in every form imaginable. There are 1000’s upon 1000’s of HD content/channels available. You can even stream 3D content if you have a 3D compatible TV.

How can I connect it to my TV?
You can connect to your TV via HDMI. The box also comes with optical digital audio output for 5.1 surround sound support.

Does the Advance Media TV box have WIFI?
Yes our TV box comes equipped with 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz dual band WiFi for blazingly fast streaming of all your media content.

Can I download apps & games to my Advance Media TV box?
Yes you can download thousands of apps and games from the Google Play Store and have access to them right on your TV!

Can I use a keyboard with Advance Media TV?
Yes. You can add a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Is this legal?
Our Android TV box is 100% legal! All our software does is provide links to content that is already posted on the internet. We do not host any content nor do we know who does. We do not promote illegal conduct of any kind.

What makes the Advance Media TV Box better than other media boxes on the market?
The major difference between the Advance Media TV and all others is that our App ensures that the box is always up to date and relevant. Our App updates your box, thereby keeping it healthier, faster, and more relevant than anything else on the market. Our App also performs low-level system updates which insures that your box is always running on optimal performance.

Another major feature of the Advance Media TV system is it’s ability to easily personalize “profiles.” This means that by just checking the appropriate choice on a menu, your box will display in whatever language you choose. (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, etc.) The capability to directly access and stream content in native language from those media markets along with the ability to easily configure “Mature” and “Kid friendly” profiles is unsurpassed by other systems.

Advance Media TV is currently the best system on the market and is growing rapidly. Advance Media TV also offers an “affiliate” program so that anyone who wishes to, can participate in this growth and thereby develop for themselves a reliable, lucrative income stream.

How can I sell Advance Media TV Boxes?
Advance Media can set you up as one of our sales representatives or sell to you wholesale.