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Earn money by promoting our products.

  • How do I advertise?

    Once you sign up, you will have access to our banners and text ads. Each one will have a code just for you. When someone clicks on the code and makes a purchase, you get paid.

  • How much can I earn?

    Earn 15% on every sale.

    • Advance Media TV Box $150
    • HD Antenna $20
    • You make $22.50 on the sale.
    • Sell 10 boxes & HD Antenna in a month -  That's $382.50 (22.50%)
    • Sell 40 boxes & HD Antenna in a month -  That's $1,530 (22.50%)

    Just by posting a link on your Web site, Facebook, your signature in text messages, email etc.

    Next Level Tiered Commission Rate

    • $500 per Month 17.00%
    • $1000 per Month 20.00%
    • $1500 per Month 22.50%

    Price in US

  • How do I sign up to be an affiiate?

    We use a company call ClixGalore. They run our affiliate program and will also give you access to other great companies on the network. Sign Up For Your Free Affiliate Account

  • What is an affiliate program?

    An affiliate program is a great way to make money on the Web. You write the content that you typically write and then link to the products that you talked about. When one of your customers clicks on the link and buys the product, you get up to 22% commision of the sale.

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